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Universities Cater to a New Demographic: Boomers

Universities Cater to a New DemographicIn this Harvard Business Review blog, Founder Marc Freedman highlights the trend in higher education of universities who are beginning to respond to the desire of boomers for encore careers

Laura Carstensen on Longevity

podcast iconIn this podcast, Laura Cartensen, head of the Stanford Longevity Center discusses the implications of adding decades to the middle of the life span.

College for the Second Half of Life

college for the second half of life report coverIn this article in Change, the Magazine of Higher Learning, Founder Marc Freedman issues a call for higher education to create schools of the second half of life.

Encore Career Handbook Transition Group Guide

Encore Career Handbook Transition GuideFor those interested in bringing people together to help each other find an encore career or career coaches, the Encore Transition Group Guide is a step by step roadmap to creating and running such groups.

The Encore Toolkit for Community Programming

Encore Career Handbook Toolkit For community activists and leadesr at a local nonprofit or other civic group, this Encore Toolkit can provide a guide to introduce the encore idea to your community members.

The Encore Toolkit for Alumni

Alumni ToolkitA version of the toolkit for alumni themsleves to use to create a panel for an alumni gathering to learn about encore careers.