Innovation Fellow

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Co-founder, The Boombox Collaboratory
Enabling older adults who have connections to make introductions for kids who don’t
“The right introduction can be worth more than money. It can totally change a kid’s life.”

After a 25-year career in business, Gee Kin Chou has worked in public education for the past two decades. He served as chief technology officer of the Oakland Unified School District and provided consultation to some of the largest, most challenged school districts in the country. He currently advises several educational companies.

Gee Kin co-founded The Boombox Collaboratory to open doors for students who don’t have the connections that affluent families take for granted to help them get ahead. To address the persistent inequality inherent in this “opportunity gap,” Boombox harnesses a valuable asset that many older Americans overlook — their social and professional network — to level the playing field and provide every student a fair start in life.

Born in China to parents with no formal education, Gee Kin understands the immigrant experience and the daunting maze of challenges immigrants face within a country full of opportunity.

Gee Kin holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and an undergraduate degree in civil engineering from Canterbury University in New Zealand.