Innovation Fellow

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Sustainability Catalyst, MetroMorphosis
Sustaining the social sector through intergenerational co-leadership models
“We must reimagine leadership in a way that balances the knowledge and experience of mature leaders with the perceptions and freshness of growing leaders. By developing intergenerational co-leadership models for community change, we support our aging leaders, encourage innovation and create sustainable vehicles for change.”

As a self-proclaimed nonprofit warrior, Sherreta R. Harrison is doing her part to make the world a better place. Combining years of experience in teaching, training and personal development, Sherreta serves as the Sustainability Catalyst for MetroMorphosis, a social change agency focused on mobilizing others to enact systems change.

Driven by the desire to create access for those who have been historically denied it, Sherreta began teaching basic reading, writing and math skills to low-skilled adults before earning her Master’s degree in counselor education. After working with families to improve the outcomes of adjudicated youth, Sherreta realized her passion lies in working with adults to help build stable families and communities.

In 2013, she returned to teaching and training, this time with a focus on workforce development with Up Alliance, a citywide coalition focused on educating adults. She helped to develop Up Alliance’s onboarding programs, classroom protocols and organizational policy while also serving on the Louisiana WorkReadyU Train to Attain Certification Team. After serving as a fellow in the Urban Leadership Development Initiative in 2015, Sherreta launched a campaign to cultivate nonprofit leadership and build collaboration in the field of adult education.

Following the unexpected closure of Up Alliance, Sherreta found herself in transition and in need of defining the next stage of her life. In 2017, she launched a consulting firm to support the development of nonprofit teams. By the end of the same year, she landed with MetroMorphosis where she explores the intersection of organizational leadership, legacy building and community change.

Sherreta resides in Baton Rouge, LA where she enjoys cooking, creating and cleverly-crafted arguments.