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Earl Ofari Hutchinson

Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable
Purpose Prize Fellow 2006

Bringing together policy-makers, community leaders and activists

Earl Ofari Hutchinson is an author, political analyst, and syndicated columnist, and has written nine books on the African-American experience. He is one of Southern California’s leading public issues and social change activists and organizers. He founded the National Alliance for Positive Action and the Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable in April 2001. The organization’s goal is to inform, educate as well as engage residents, business leaders, elected officials, community activists in South Los Angeles in public dialogue on crucial public policy issues and effect public policy change on the problems of police misconduct, corporate discrimination, media stereotyping, hate crime violence, gender victimization, environmental destruction, public education deterioration, criminal justice system abuses, and economic and political empowerment. The action methods include: Internet media alerts, press conferences, press articles, media interviews, community walks, fax, phone calls and setter campaigns, and legislative lobbying.