15 Innovators Solving Problems and Bridging Generational Divides

15 Innovators Solving Problems and Bridging Generational Divides

Our newest Innovation Fellows are fighting for racial and environmental justice, empowering immigrant communities, healing trauma, registering young people to vote, reducing ageism and loneliness, and more.  And they’re all using cogeneration — bringing older and...

What Makes College-Based Intergenerational Programs Successful?

What Makes College-Based Intergenerational Programs Successful?

“Generation Z is desperate to change the world we’ve inherited,” an undergraduate said. “When will older leaders get out of the way?” That question prompted N.J. Pierce — an experienced management consultant and Fellow at Harvard’s Advanced Leadership Initiative — to...

Beyond Passing the Torch

New research report aims to leverage age diversity to build a stronger democracy

By | Feb 15, 2023

I’m pleased to share a new report, Beyond Passing the Torch: Recommendations on Leveraging Age Diversity to Build a Stronger Democracy Now — a landscape analysis of 25 civic organizations. Its goal: to document and learn from their cross-generational activities and make recommendations for leveraging each generation’s unique civic attributes to strengthen democracy.

Beyond passing the torch report coverIt’s particularly fitting that this study was conducted as a cross-generational collaboration between CoGenerate (formerly Encore.org) and two other organizations with complementary generational expertise — Generation Citizen and the Millennial Action Project. Together, our organizations are a microcosm of the broader civic engagement field. 

“Building a strong democracy requires a long view – and everyone at the table. No one generation can do it alone,” we write collectively in the forward. “We hope the lessons learned through this collaborative research effort can point the way towards a more united future – one that elevates the perspectives of younger and older people and promotes the cross-generational bridging, visioning, and healing so deeply needed today.”

We are particularly grateful to the New Pluralists for funding this collaborative project and for elevating age-diversity as an essential component to creating belonging in a healthy democracy. 

Thanks also to my wonderful colleagues at Generation Citizen (Elizabeth Clay Roy, Dairanys Grullon-Virgil, and Sydelle Barreto) and the Millennial Action Project (Layla Zaidane). And of course, to the many inspiring civic leaders and researchers featured in the report who do the difficult but rewarding work of cogenerating solutions in their communities every day, including: 

  • Brennan Center for Justice
  • BridgeUSA (Manu Meel)
  • Citizen University (Kayla DeMonte, Eric Liu)
  • Common Agency (Deborah Tien)
  • Convergence (David Eisner)
  • One America Movement, SAGE (Steve Higgs)
  • The Civics Center
  • The Dinner Party / The People’s Supper (K Scarry)
  • VìTÂM
  • Youth Activism Project (Anika Manzoor)
  • Stanford Center on Longevity (Sasha Johfre)
  • NORC at the University of Chicago

Read the study here.