8 people watching someone speaking on a church dais

Faith Land Initiative

The Church Council of Greater Seattle
Seattle, Washington

Guiding intergenerational groups of faith leaders toward equitable development and community stewardship of faith-owned land

The Faith Land Initiative of The Church Council of Greater Seattle accompanies, facilitates and convenes faith communities in King County, Washington to faithfully and equitably steward land and other assets toward acts of dignity restoration and community stewardship of land. Launched in 2019, the Faith Land Initiative strives to bridge the access to land and building space held by predominantly white faith communities with the visions held by community groups and congregations of color. We develop leaders across faith, race, age and place by facilitating faith-rooted community organizing trainings grounded in anti-racism values.

E.N. West portrait

Led by E.N. West, Co-Founder and Lead Organizer

E.N. West, affectionately known as “E,” proudly hails from the DC metropolitan area, by way of Alexandria, Virginia. They graduated from William & Mary with dual degrees in American Studies and Government. E is the co-founder and lead organizer of the Faith Land Initiative at The Church Council of Greater Seattle.

E deeply believes “we are uninhibited when we know our power” and is committed to co-creating a world where everyone intimately knows how powerful they are and directs that power toward collective liberation.

In his moments of play and rest, E enjoys staying embodied through boxing, running and biking. E also loves watching psychological thrillers and horror movies, reading social justice literature, and being a “man-about-town” in whatever zip code he’s in.