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SubClubs for Everyone

Substantial Classrooms
Oakland, California

Establishing supportive, cogenerational communities to improve the experience of substitute teaching in ways that benefit all ages

America’s schools are desperate for substitute teachers. Substantial Classrooms will partner with ChangeX to establish SubClubs, community-led, cogenerational spaces where people seeking meaningful work can build the skills and find the support they need to thrive in substitute teaching. SubClub leaders will recruit retired teachers and career changers, who tend to be older, as well as recent college graduates, who tend to be younger. This initiative will also serve students, teachers and school communities, as students deserve a safe and productive learning environment while their teachers are away. SubClubs prepare and support subs to provide this consistency.

Erin Ruegg portrait

Led by Erin Ruegg, Director of Teaching and Learning

Erin Ruegg leads SubSchool for Substantial Classrooms, which partners with school districts to provide ongoing professional development for substitute teachers. SubSchool is a learning platform with 11 self-paced courses, a live monthly workshop series, coaching sessions, and a bank of resources for substitute teachers.

In over 20 years in education, Erin has worked as an instructional specialist, curriculum consultant, program director, teacher, and district leader in diverse ethnic, social, and economic settings across the United States and South America. In every setting, she invests in her professional community by building relationships and inspiring excellence in instruction and learning for all students.

Erin is a National Board Certified teacher and holds a master’s degree in Special Studies from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and a master’s degree in Education Administration from Grand Canyon University.