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Director of the Encore Physicians Program

Dr. Mike Rizzo directs the Encore Physicians Program, which places retired physicians in community health centers where they use their decades of experience to treat patients and mentor younger clinicians caring for the underserved. The program in the San Francisco Bay Area has been supported to date by a grant from Northern California Kaiser Community Services.

Mike worked as a radiologist at Alta Bates (Summit) Medical Center for 10 years before transitioning to Kaiser East Bay as radiologist and administrator for 17 years. In the latter years working as a TPMG physician, he became a champion and physician lead for performance improvement, using a lean approach to systems thinking to support frontline staff, physicians and patients.

Recently retired from TPMG like many in the Encore Physicians Program, Mike finds himself also looking forward to ascending the “second mountain” (credit to David Brooks’s book of the same name) of a career dedicated to patient care.

Mike grew up outside Detroit, Michigan. After an undergraduate degree in physics, he attended medical school at the University of Michigan and received his radiology training at the University of California, San Francisco.