Event Recording: Music Across Generations

Event Recording: Music Across Generations

Music can bring generations together for connection and collaboration, inspiration and celebration. Join us as we explore the power of cogeneration by learning more about an intergenerational orchestra, big band, and choir. This hour-long event features the Heart of...

The Best 13 Minutes You’ll Spend This Week

The Best 13 Minutes You’ll Spend This Week

Just after the Oscars, I wrote about The Last Repair Shop, the 2024 Academy Award-winning documentary about four older people who repair the 80,000 free musical instruments used by public school students in Los Angeles. It’s a beautiful film about a vital...

The Impact of Intergenerational Service

The Impact of Intergenerational Service

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCElJjBO8Zo National service in this country is predominantly age-segregated. AmeriCorps largely enrolls young adults, while AmeriCorps Seniors exclusively recruits older ones. As a result, we’re missing big opportunities to pair the...

Introducing the CoGen Challenge Awardees

These 10 innovative initiatives bring older and younger people together to advance economic opportunity for all

By Stefanie Weiss | Jan 5, 2024

Images from all of the CoGen Challenge Advancing Economic Opportunity awardee's programs

How can connecting the generations open doors to economic opportunity for people of all ages?

That’s the CoGen Challenge we posed last fall. More than 160 organizations responded with compelling and important initiatives. Today we’re proud to announce the 10 awardees.

The awardees listed below will each receive $20,000 to advance their work. All 10 will participate in a six-month accelerator beginning on Jan. 11, which will provide expert and peer coaching in program development, expansion, storytelling and fundraising.


“These organizations use cogeneration as a strategy to open doors to economic opportunity in such a wide variety of smart and innovative ways,” says Cristina Rodriguez, director of the CoGen Challenge. “We’re wowed by their potential to expand and inspire.”

We hope you agree!

And now, the awardees are…

Access Gallery’s Cogenerational Community
Creating a cogenerational incubator for older and younger artists with disabilities

Access Gallery
Denver, Colorado
Damon McLeese, Executive Director

Empowering Tillamook County Through Financial Wellness
Building resilience and financial stability through free financial literacy classes that connect generations across rural Tillamook County

Urban Rural Action
Tillamook County, Oregon
Maree Beers, Program Co-Director

Cogenerational Service Academy
Creating multigenerational teams of AmeriCorps members and volunteers to bridge divides, enhance economic opportunities and address pressing community needs

ASU Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation
Phoenix, Arizona
Jill Watts, Director, Capacity Building Initiatives

Faith Land Initiative
Guiding intergenerational groups of faith leaders toward equitable development and community stewardship of faith-owned land

The Church Council of Greater Seattle
Seattle, Washington
E.N. West, Co-Founder and Lead Organizer

Generations United for Service
Building an age-diverse network of volunteers and AmeriCorps members to participate in service projects benefiting homeless families

Northern Santa Barbara County United Way
Santa Barbara, California
Lyiam Galo, Chief Program Officer

Getting Pitch-Ready
Empowering immigrant women entrepreneurs of all ages by offering opportunities for cross-generational learning and collaboration

Venprendedoras Foundation, Inc.
Miami, Florida
Mariela Briceño, Founder and Executive Director

Guaranteed Income Works National Tour
Leading a national advocacy campaign for a guaranteed income across generations and socioeconomic status

Mayors for a Guaranteed Income
Stockton, California
Sukhi Samra, Executive Director

Intergenerational Career Pathways Symposium
Fostering co-mentoring relationships between younger and older people to open doorways to economic freedom

New York, New York
Brenda Jimenez, CEO

Mamaw Mentorship in Eastern Kentucky
Creating two-way mentoring relationships between older women and eighth-grade girls in Central Appalachia

Hemphill Community Center
Jackhorn, Kentucky
Gwen Johnson, Secretary/Treasurer

SubClubs for Everyone
Establishing supportive, cogenerational communities to improve the experience of substitute teaching in ways that benefit all ages

Substantial Classrooms
Oakland, California
Erin Ruegg, Director of Teaching and Learning


Thanks to all the applicants. And thanks to the Ares Charitable Foundation for supporting the CoGen Challenge and for helping to create a future where age diversity becomes one of our nation’s greatest strengths.

The Ares Charitable Foundation (the “Ares Foundation”) is a 501(c)(3) qualifying organization sponsored by Ares Management Corporation (“Ares”), a leading global alternative investment manager. Established in 2020, the Ares Foundation seeks to accelerate equality of economic opportunity through grants to nonprofit organizations whose programming provides Career Preparation & Reskilling, encourages Entrepreneurship and deepens individuals’ understanding of Personal Finance. The Ares Foundation’s vision – a world in which people benefit from equitable access to knowledge, resources and opportunities so that they can achieve their full potential – reflects Ares’ core values and staunch commitment to philanthropy.