Innovation Fellow

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Founder, Be Loud Studios
Helping youth and elders tell their collective story through radio and digital media
“Older adults are too often deemed not tech-savvy, while kids are deemed too obsessed with screens. We reject both of these notions. We believe digital tools can connect, not separate these groups.”

Alex Owens is a dedicated educator with over 10 years of classroom experience. Throughout this time, Alex has stewarded creative schools and learning environments — including a makerspace, construction sites and a radio station — that encourage hands on learning, student autonomy and collaborative problem solving.

In New Orleans, Alex led the innovation program at Bricolage Academy, providing the space, tools, and resources for elementary students to design and make the projects of their dreams.

Most recently, he founded and manages Be Loud Studios, a nonprofit radio station dedicated to amplifying kid confidence through radio and digital media production. Alex loves to make, create and produce things. Born and raised in Maryland, he now lives in New Orleans, where he can be found renovating his home, mixing new music or playing with his adventurous toddler.