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Co-founder & CEO, Eldera
Harnessing technology to build a virtual global village for elders and youth
“We believe that the wisdom of our elders — with decades of experience, knowledge, love, loss and common sense — is the most valuable resource we can share with the younger generation to help them imagine a better future for all.”

Dana Griffin is the co-founder and CEO of, the global intergenerational platform that connects vetted mentors (with at least six decades of life experience) with kids for storytime, help with schoolwork or just a friendly conversation. Dana and her co-founders are building Eldera to become a virtual village with a real soul that activates our elders as assets to society and their wisdom as a service to humanity.

Dana is a former data and advertising executive turned Age Tech entrepreneur and AI for Good advocate. Raised by her grandparents in Transylvania and then guided by elders throughout her life, Dana authored multiple trademarks and patents focused on aging, wisdom and the impact of longevity. She serves as the NY director of AI Commons and an official UN delegate to Global Pulse and has been advising, consulting and speaking internationally about principled uses of AI for innovation, policy and social impact.

Named by AdAge as “40 under 40 changing the advertising industry,” Dana has a C-suite background in global expansion, strategy and data, partnering with Fortune 500s, high-growth startups and nonprofit organizations.

A Vedic meditator and outspoken fan of interesting people and good food, Dana spends her time cooking, training in Krav Maga and exploring human wisdom.