Innovation Fellow

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Program Director, Plant Futures Initiative
Educating and activating the next generation of ethically conscious entrepreneurs working to build a healthy, just and plant-centered food system
“The issues stemming from our industrialized food system span across generations and culture. I want to equip, educate and empower an intergenerational movement of leaders to collaborate on and advocate for plant-centric food systems through their work and livelihoods.”

Samantha Derrick received her Masters in Public Health from UC Berkeley where she focused on plant-based nutrition and food systems. While a graduate student, she created Plant Futures, UC Berkeley’s first course focused on innovation and experiential learning in the plant-based sector.

She is currently overseeing the growth of Plant Futures into a non-profit social enterprise, expanding program access for students, faculty and professional partners worldwide. Samantha also pursues writing and journalism, and her work has been featured in multiple outlets including The Daily Cal, Kaiser Health News and the European Society for Agricultural and Food Ethics.

A native Floridian and second-generation Mexican American, Samantha is an avid beach-dweller and is inspired by bringing the flavors and health benefits of Mexico’s plant-based cuisine to the world.