Overheard on Text: Imposter Syndrome

Overheard on Text: Imposter Syndrome

As colleagues from different generations (x/millennial), we’ve been leading talks and workshops sharing our insights about working across generations – what we call “cogeneration.” As we plan, we’re usually texting furiously, sharing ideas and reflections. So we...

This Cogenerational Pair Calls for ‘Radical Inclusion’ of Youth

This Cogenerational Pair Calls for ‘Radical Inclusion’ of Youth

I was thrilled when I heard about the new book, Why Aren’t We Doing This! Collaborating with Minors in Major Ways, written by Denise Webb, age 20, and Wendy Schaetzel Lesko, age 73, (both pictured above) and published by Youth Infusion, a clearinghouse co-founded by...

Music Is Having a Moment — And It’s a Cogenerational One.

Music Is Having a Moment — And It’s a Cogenerational One.

Sunday’s show featured three big moments reminding us that music can be a bridge not only across race, culture, and genre, but also age. Tracy Chapman & Luke Combs. Much attention, rightfully, has gone to the duet between Tracy Chapman, who turns 60 next month,...

A New Chapter for the Encore Fellowships Program

A New Chapter for the Encore Fellowships Program

We’re excited to share the news that the Encore Fellowships program has moved to The Fedcap Group, a new home with the capacity, networks and drive to help the groundbreaking program expand dramatically.  Got questions? We’ve got answers. What’s The Fedcap Group? The...

15 Innovators Solving Problems and Bridging Generational Divides

We asked our newest group of Innovation Fellows to tell us more about their work

By Sarah McKinney Gibson | Mar 23, 2023

Our newest Innovation Fellows are fighting for racial and environmental justice, empowering immigrant communities, healing trauma, registering young people to vote, reducing ageism and loneliness, and more. 

And they’re all using cogeneration — bringing older and younger people together to solve pressing problems — as a key strategy to meet their goals.

To learn more about their work, we asked each person the same six questions. They had a choice of the seventh and final question. We hope you enjoy these fun Q&As below.

 *  *  *

Anya KamenetzAnya Kamenetz Is Bringing Solutions-Oriented Climate Storytelling to Children
The bestselling author and former education journalist for NPR is mobilizing her network for good.



Christina HernandezChristina Hernandez Is Tackling the Early Childhood Educator Crisis in Los Angeles
By matching community college students with retired early educators, she’s helping to prepare enough preschool teachers to meet the growing demand.



Elly KatzElly Katz Is Pairing Teens and Elders to Fight Ageism and Improve Mental Health
The founder of Sages & Seekers says “it’s a natural fit” to connect these two marginalized groups.



GENEVIEVE LEIGHTON-ARMAHGenevieve Leighton-Armah Is Helping Black Leaders Realize That Rest Is Their Biggest Currency
Her pilot program in the Bay Area supports community activists and reduces burnout so they can continue doing important work.



Jon Adam RossJon Adam Ross Is Using Collaborative Theater To Build Bridges Between Cultures and Generations
He brings diverse community members together to interpret sacred texts for modern times.



Joseph LamJoseph Lam’s Card Game Sparks Deep Conversations Across Generations
He wanted to heal his relationship with his immigrant parents. Now he’s helping a global audience bridge divides.



Lewis BernsteinLewis Bernstein Uses Sesame Street Clips To Connect Three Generations 
After retiring from Sesame Street Workshop, he saw an opportunity to “spark discussion, empathy and joy” while reducing loneliness.



Libby SteggerLibby Stegger Is Reducing Polarization and the Culture of Division, One Community Project at a Time
She created Move for America to help today’s leaders “solve complex challenges with a diverse group of people at the table.”



Mariam SankohMariam Sankoh Is Trying To Heal Racial Wounds in the Former Capital of the Confederacy
Once she learned the true story of American history, she felt compelled to work on creating more equity and justice in her community.



NATILEE MCGRUDERNatilee McGruder is Giving Grassroots Leaders of All Ages a Safe and Supportive Community
Her venture, Alabama Leads, creates “a space where people can be, rest, dream, be honest and connect”



NICOLE KENNEYNicole Kenney Is Tackling Racial Disparities in Mental Health to Help Black Women Thrive
She started Hey Auntie!, an online community that offers intergenerational support.



Roderick HeathRoderick Heath Is on a Mission to Get the Generations Talking — Via Film
He pairs young people and older ones on documentary projects designed to solve community problems.



SAMUEL RUBINSamuel Rubin Is Fighting for Climate Justice by Tapping the Power of TV and Film
He co-created the Hollywood Climate Summit to encourage industry professionals of all ages to drive culture change and climate action.



SKY BERGMANSky Bergman Is Inspiring Older Adults To Visit High Schools and Pre-Register Young Voters
Her “Forever Voters” documentary and grassroots initiative is reducing generational division and creating more lifetime voters.



TARA CHADWICKTara Chadwick Is Bringing Elders, Preschoolers Together to “Protect, Restore and Maintain Our Ancestral Knowledge”
She launched The Papalotl Project to share knowledge about food, health, art and culture.