Beyond Passing the Torch

Beyond Passing the Torch

I’m pleased to share a new report, Beyond Passing the Torch: Recommendations on Leveraging Age Diversity to Build a Stronger Democracy Now — a landscape analysis of 25 civic organizations. Its goal: to document and learn from their cross-generational activities and...

What Makes College-Based Intergenerational Programs Successful?

What Makes College-Based Intergenerational Programs Successful?

“Generation Z is desperate to change the world we’ve inherited,” an undergraduate said. “When will older leaders get out of the way?” That question prompted N.J. Pierce — an experienced management consultant and Fellow at Harvard’s Advanced Leadership Initiative — to...

Eunice Nichols receives the 2019 James Irvine Foundation Leadership Award

By | Feb 11, 2019

Today the Irvine Foundation announced the winners of its 2019 Leadership Awards, recognizing “innovative, effective leaders whose breakthrough solutions to critical challenges improve people’s lives, create opportunity, and contribute to a better California.”

We’re thrilled to let you know that Eunice Lin Nichols — vice president at, director of the Gen2Gen campaign, and one of the most wonderful people I know — is among the five winners.

Take a few minutes to watch the video below  and you’ll understand why.

A daughter of immigrants and mother to two young boys, Eunice talks unabashedly and often about love and family. Her mission, as she puts it, is to “give every child a caring older adult in their corner, a grounded sense of belonging and home, and a different vision for what it means to grow old.”

As she said in a talk recently, “There’s no stronger human stance than to spend yourself on the next generation.”

Congratulations to you, Eunice, and thank you for all you do and for all you’ve taught us. And hats off to the Irvine Foundation for recognizing your genius and investing in the work you lead.