Want to Recruit Younger People? Look Within

Want to Recruit Younger People? Look Within

For the past five years, I’ve been working as an advocate for the causes I believe in and for more intergenerational collaboration. Young people like me want more opportunities to work across generations for change, but we also want to be treated as equals.  To...

Exciting News About CoGenerate’s Leadership

By Susan Gianinno | Jun 13, 2022

It’s my great honor to chair the CoGenerate board and to share this exciting news. Starting today, CoGenerate will shift to a cogenerational leadership model, steered by two CEOs, both of whom you know well — Marc Freedman and Eunice Lin Nichols.

Given our increasing focus on the intergenerational opportunity, we’re thrilled to announce an approach that rests on a cross-generational partnership. It feels so important to walk the talk, practicing cogeneration as we support others who are reaching across generational divides to change the world.

Marc and Eunice bring different and complementary perspectives, skills and lived experiences to the table. A white man, Marc is the visionary who founded CoGenerate with help from his mentor, renowned social innovator John Gardner. Marc was in his 30s then; John was nearing 80. Today Marc is in his 60s, an award-winning social entrepreneur, a sought-after thought leader and author of five books.

Marc & Eunice smiling for the camera

A Chinese American and daughter of immigrants, Eunice is in her 40s now. She was just a few years out of college when she left management consulting to lead Experience Corps in the Bay Area. Since then, she’s run the Purpose Prize, our Gen2Gen campaign, and now our innovation portfolio. In 2019, she received the James Irvine Foundation Leadership Award for advancing innovative and effective solutions to California’s most significant issues. Eunice is a synthesizer, integrator, ideator, innovator and community builder.

Marc has designed our signature programs. Eunice has brought them to scale. Both began this work as young people who deeply cared about older people and dedicated their lives to creating a bridge between the generations. Together, they are dreaming up the next generation of programs that will bring older and younger people together to co-create the future.

What a dream team of co-CEOs!

As board members, we are unanimous in our confidence in Marc and Eunice, enthusiastic about their joint leadership, and energized about the difference CoGenerate will make in the world in the years to come.

If you’d like to offer congratulations to Marc and Eunice, please reach out to them on LinkedIn (Marc, Eunice), where each has posted a short statement.