The Impact of Intergenerational Service

The Impact of Intergenerational Service National service in this country is predominantly age-segregated. AmeriCorps largely enrolls young adults, while AmeriCorps Seniors exclusively recruits older ones. As a result, we’re missing big opportunities to pair the...

‘I Want These Girls to Know They Have Limitless Possibilities’

‘I Want These Girls to Know They Have Limitless Possibilities’

Gwen Johnson is the founder of Mamaw Mentorship in Eastern Kentucky and one of 10 awardees of the CoGen Challenge to Advance Economic Opportunity. Watch for interviews with all 10 of these innovators bringing older and younger people together to open doors to economic...

Need a Guide To Spark Productive, Intergenerational Conversations?

Need a Guide To Spark Productive, Intergenerational Conversations?

In March, we released our latest report, What Young Leaders Want — And Don’t Want — From Older Allies, summarizing what 31 Gen Z and Millennial leaders had to say about working with older people to solve pressing problems — aka “cogeneration” — and how it can be...

These 10 Innovators Use Cogeneration to Advance Economic Opportunity

We asked our CoGen Challenge awardees to tell us more about their work

By Sarah McKinney Gibson | May 22, 2024

Our first group of CoGen Challenge awardees are bringing older and younger people together  to boost the economic prospects of substitute teachers, artists with disabilities, people without homes, girls facing hardship in Appalachia, and so much more.  

To learn more about their work, we asked each innovator the same set of questions. We hope you enjoy learning more about their cogenerational work.

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Access Gallery Brings Artists with Disabilities Together Across Generations
The collective brings economic opportunities to the artists, and, says Executive Director Damon McLeese, “having an intergenerational team work together just results in better art”



In Rural Oregon, Bringing Generations Together for Financial Wellness
In Tillamook County, all generations play an important role in helping underserved neighbors who are experiencing hardship



Using Faith-Owned Land to Strengthen Intergenerational Community in Seattle
The Faith Land Initiative is transforming the relationship that people have to each other and to the land



An Intergenerational Approach to Getting Families Housed in Santa Barbara
Why Lyiam Galo, the program’s co-director, believes age-diverse pairs canvassing the streets are a stronger, more accessible approach



This Innovative Idea Helps Substitute Teachers of All Ages Succeed
SubClubs provide supportive, intergenerational communities for substitute teachers, which help gig workers thrive



Using Intergenerational Connection to Empower Entrepreneurs New to the U.S.
Venprendedoras, a Miami-based nonprofit, connects older and younger Hispanic, immigrant women to help get their businesses off the ground and growing



These Intergenerational Financial Literacy Workshops Are About More than Money
In Queens, MENTOR New York’s workshops bridge generational and economic divides while creating deep bonds between high school students and elders



Mayors’ Campaign Rallies Intergenerational Support for Guaranteed Income
“Income instability cuts across generations,” notes this advocate. Guaranteed income can help all generations “get back on their feet again.”



At ASU, Age-Diverse Teams Work Together to Boost Economic Opportunity
Younger AmeriCorps members and older volunteers bring complementary skills to projects that build economic resilience



‘I Want These Girls to Know They Have Limitless Possibilities’
Grandmothers in Eastern Kentucky team up with teen girls to build social connection and self-esteem, break the cycle of intergenerational trauma, and save their Appalachian community