15 Innovators Solving Problems and Bridging Generational Divides

15 Innovators Solving Problems and Bridging Generational Divides

Our newest Innovation Fellows are fighting for racial and environmental justice, empowering immigrant communities, healing trauma, registering young people to vote, reducing ageism and loneliness, and more.  And they’re all using cogeneration — bringing older and...

Beyond Passing the Torch

Beyond Passing the Torch

I’m pleased to share a new report, Beyond Passing the Torch: Recommendations on Leveraging Age Diversity to Build a Stronger Democracy Now — a landscape analysis of 25 civic organizations. Its goal: to document and learn from their cross-generational activities and...

Generations Over Dinner

How many generations can you bring to the table?

By | Oct 5, 2022

A recent Sante Fe dinner with 5 generations present

A recent dinner in Sante Fe with 5 generations present. Photo by Jonathan Olinger.

Last week, I sat at a dinner table with an 82-year-old motorcycle-riding Texan and a 17-year-old prodigy in astrophysics who had never met before.

I watched as the elder’s eyes grew wide when the teenager spoke passionately about Einstein’s theory of relativity. The reverse happened when the elder spoke about the poetry and life-affirming philosophy he discovered fixing and riding motorcycles.

It was a beautiful thing to witness, and it’s at the heart of why I partnered with Chip Conley of Modern Elder Academy and Marc Freedman of CoGenerate to create Generations Over Dinner — a global invitation to have meaningful conversations that value all perspectives across the age continuum.

We recently cast this idea into the world and thousands of people are already answering the call and organizing dinners across the planet. Our community platform helps people host or find a dinner party to join, and our incredible team of partners (including CoGenerate!) and advisors created comprehensive dinner scripts for your table.

How many generations can you bring to the table? Join the movement and sign up today!