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Event Recording: Music Across Generations

Event Recording: Music Across Generations

Music can bring generations together for connection and collaboration, inspiration and celebration. Join us as we explore the power of cogeneration by learning more about an intergenerational orchestra, big band, and choir. This hour-long event features the Heart of...

The Best 13 Minutes You’ll Spend This Week

The Best 13 Minutes You’ll Spend This Week

Just after the Oscars, I wrote about The Last Repair Shop, the 2024 Academy Award-winning documentary about four older people who repair the 80,000 free musical instruments used by public school students in Los Angeles. It’s a beautiful film about a vital...


Lynne Twist

Soul of Money Institute
Purpose Prize Fellow 2010

Twist is educating, inspiring and empowering people to align their financial resources with the values of a just, equitable and sustainable world for all.

For 20 years, Lynne Twist was an executive with The Hunger Project, managing fundraising operations in more than 40 countries and helping raise more than $120 million to alleviate hunger worldwide. But after a deeply personal, spiritual experience while traveling in Guatemala, Twist changed directions and co-founded The Pachamama Alliance in 1995 to address the destruction of the world’s tropical rainforests.

Twist’s background in fundraising, along with her efforts to raise money for The Pachamama Alliance, gave her insight into humanity’s relationship with money, which she wrote about in her book, The Soul of Money. In 2004, Twist launched the Soul of Money Institute, a for-profit, social venture that addresses how to establish economic equity for people worldwide by aligning the acquisition and allocation of one’s financial resources with one’s values.

Through the San Francisco-based institute, Twist provides workshops, presentations, organizational consulting and coaching to help shift spending toward the social good – by investing in charitable causes and social enterprises, for example. Twist has worked with more than 5,000 individuals and hundreds of organizations.

More than 35,000 fundraisers have received training from her and have reported significant increases in their financial results. “At this point in my life and career,” says Twist, “I am in the perfect place to deliver on my lifelong commitment to create an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just human presence on this planet.”