Check Out Our Signature Event On Cogenerational Activism!

Check Out Our Signature Event On Cogenerational Activism!

On May 22, more than 1,100 people registered to learn more about the important cogenerational work our 2023 Innovation Fellows are doing. These 15 leaders are bringing generations together to solve problems and bridge divides. And each one has a unique and inspiring...

Got a Digital Illustration that Shows Generations Working Together?

Got a Digital Illustration that Shows Generations Working Together?

CoGenerate recently teamed up with Fine Acts, a global creative studio for social impact, to launch an open call for illustrations showing generations working together for change.  We’re looking for illustrations that show older and younger people coming together to...

Our Next Chapter Depends on You

Can we count on your support?

By | Dec 14, 2022

CoGenerate logo (with festive snow behind it)

It’s been quite a year at CoGenerate (formerly known as!

We changed our name and reframed our mission. As CoGenerate, we’re focusing on what the vast and growing older population can do in collaboration with younger people to solve today’s most pressing problems.

We adopted a co-leadership model. We’re co-CEOs now, tapping the strengths of our gender, cultural and generational differences.

With researchers at the University of Chicago, we did our first national study on the topic of cogeneration, uncovering deep interest from all ages in working across generations to improve the world around us.

We announced our third group of Innovation Fellows, all developing exciting two- and three-generation solutions to a range of issues from climate change to racial injustice, polarization to loneliness.

We launched one initiative, with encouragement from AmeriCorps, to bring generations together in service to others. And another, in partnership with Campus Compact, to spur more cogeneration between college students and their surrounding communities.

And we offered a regular series of webinars and public conversations to get more people thinking about how to bring cogeneration to their work and lives.


With your help, we’ll continue to to tell a new story about cogenerational action, support innovators bringing generations together for mutual benefit and social impact, and build a community of leaders, organizations and funders to scale this work and sustain it.

As the year comes to a close, can we count on your support? If our work has affected your work or your views, please donate now.

Thank you for all you do. And happy holidays!